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Accessories for men in tall and plus sizes

Today’s man needs a few sophisticated accessories to add the finishing touch to an outfit. An attractive pocket kerchief or high-quality cufflinks can complete the individual look, to make the perfect impression.

No matter the occasion, the pocket kerchief gives every sports coat a hint of individual elegance and peps up an outfit with additional colour highlights. But remember, this accessory mustn’t be used as a handkerchief! It is an expression of your own individuality. We are familiar with the white, starched pocket kerchief. A more elegant version is the colourful silk scarf, coordinated with the rest of the outfit. The choice of colour is usually guided by the basic colour of the tie or shirt.

Cufflinks for men in tall sizes

The pocket kerchief is not the only popular men’s fashion accessory. Cufflinks are like jewellery for men. They can be made of various different materials. The materials range from glass and stone to leather and metal. However, cufflinks must always been worn in matching pairs. They stylishly complement every sophisticated business outfit and give the overall appearance the perfect finishing touch.

Any man can wear accessories. In our Extra Tall Shop, we have everything to create the perfect look for tall men. Whether you are looking for suits, T-shirts, knitwear, pants or ties, you will find what you need at HIRMER big & tall.

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