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Jeans in plus sizes and tall sizes

They used to be considered workwear – nowadays they are an essential part of any wardrobe. We are talking about jeans. They used to be tailored for gold diggers in the US, but these days you will find every type of man wearing a pair of these comfortable pants.

The solution for tall men: Jeans in tall sizes

There are many different types of jeans. Tall men often face the problem that jeans are too short for them. Regular inch sizes are generally not long enough. Taller men need big and tall sizes. Jeans in tall sizes are the answer to this problem. Browse our online shop for the latest men's fashion by popular brands in plus sizes. Inch sizes ranging from 40/36, 42/36, 44/46, 33/38, 34/38, 36/38, 38/38, 42/38, 44/38, 34/40, 36/40, 38/40 to the tall size 40/40 are no longer inaccessible at HIRMER big & tall. We stock a comprehensive selection of jeans in different waist sizes and lengths. Discover our huge range of extra tall products for men who are 1.90 m and taller! Pants being too short is a thing of the past with sizes and lengths ranging up to 36, 38 and even 40 inches.

The perfect companion: Jeans in tall sizes

Jeans don't just look great, but are also the perfect companion for any occasion. Jeans can be combined with a T-shirt or a sweater to create the perfect casual look, but can also be worn with a shirt to round off a great office look. They are extra sturdy and look great too. Some designs are figure-hugging and can be used to highlight a man's best features. Other styles of jeans are nice and loose and allow for plenty of freedom of movement. Jeans are considered a symbol of masculinity.

How did jeans become so popular across all age groups and body shapes? Simply put, jeans have a very flexible fit that makes them suitable for any body type. Jeans are casual companions for any situation.

Online shopping – for extra tall men

Our well-stocked online shop features many brands of jeans in tall sizes, plus sizes and extra tall sizes. From dark denim and vintage to destroyed looks – HIRMER big & tall will have the perfect pair of jeans in your tall size. Mustang, s.Oliver, Pierre Cardin, Tommy Hilfiger and Boss are some of the most popular jeans labels for men. Take a look at our huge product range for men who are 1.90 m and taller in our HIRMER big & tall online shop.