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Trousers for men in big, tall and extra tall

Tall men need pants that are comfortable fit well and are neither too long nor too short and have some stretch content,. But when you are 190 cm tall, that is no easy feat! Often, trousers are too short in the leg, or the fit is just not right. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Finally, there are extra tall men's pants with a long leg. Our varied range encompasses everything from business pants, cotton pants, chinos, to corduroys, jeans and shorts – all in extra long sizes.

Stylish tall fashion with perfect proportions for big & tall men, so your extra tall pants feel comfortable and fit perfectly – that's what you'll find at HIRMER big & tall. Many men think that extra tall fashion is just for tall, slim men, but they couldn’t be more wrong! Finding the right length of clothing is an issue for tall men of every build. That's why we offer a range of great trousers and jeans in extra long sizes from a variety of brands.

Large selection of big & tall trousers for men

Are you looking for a new outfit in big size and need a pair of fitting cotton trousers or jeans in an extra tall size? And do you also need a business look? We recommend formal bottoms in a straight cut. This cut flatters the figure and won’t make you look too tall or lanky. If you like a bit more of a casual style at the office, then a pair of chinos or jeans in the right size and length is also a great choice. Many men like to choose their pants and top in different colours. Why? This allows you to visually break up the height and add great colour accents. If you like a simple and understated look, then black is a popular colour, that always fit! But tall men can also choose extra long pants in other colours. Just because you wear an extra tall size, doesn’t mean that you should try to disguise your height!

Longer pants for men in a range of big sizes at HIRMER big & tall

Our big sizes of stylish menswear are available from 110 to 122. Inch sizes such as length 34, length 36 and length 38 are often worn and are therefore very popular. Discover our online shop with a range of pants for men in extra long sizes, always comfortable and often with stretch content. We offer big and tall trousers in the basic colours, like black, indigo and brown, but also in a wide range of bright colours like khaki. We look forward to your visit to one of our 15 locations in Germany and Austria, or our online shop with big & tall fashion for men.