Blazers for men in big and tall sizes

The sports jacket is not only classic and timeless – it is universal and great for mixing and matching. Are you looking for an elegant outfit for formal occasions, exciting events or informal dates? Then the blazer is just the thing. This classy yet casual jacket can actually trace its roots back to historic naval uniforms, so the traditional colour for a sport coat is, of course, navy blue. These days you can find sports jackets in all kinds of colours like brown, grey, black and patterns like popular grey check blazers. Despite its more playful appeal, a sport coat is also perfect for formal occasions that combine a dressy look with sporty chic. The result: a sophisticated and elegant look that maintains a touch of traditional class, for the discerning gentleman.

Plus-sized sports jackets for men– what can you wear them with?

If you decide to wear a sports jacket, your choice of pants is important. Because there is one important rule: the pants should never be the same colour as the blazer. Why? Well, then you create the look of a suit, so a suit jacket would be a better choice. However, a blazer is always worn with pants in a different colour for creating mens smart-casual style. On more casual occasions, you can also combine a sport coat with a stylish pair of jeans. But if you are looking for an outfit for a more exclusive occasion or a wedding, you should stick to a suit or tuxedo.

How to care for your men's blazer

Have you found a blazer in the perfect size and colour? Then you will certainly want to enjoy wearing it for a long time. Whether black, navy blue or grey – the sports jacket should be regularly aired and brushed. You can also freshen it up with a steam iron. But you must never just throw this precious plus size piece in the washing machine. You want your stylish jacket to always look its best, even after a long stay in the wardrobe. So make sure that you give it plenty of space, as this will help to prevent wrinkles. To keep your blazer in a perfectly pristine condition, you should also make sure that you don’t take it to the dry cleaners too often.

Plus size sport coats for men from Hirmer BIG & TALL

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