Casual Jackets in Plus Size

Plus size casual jackets

A modern casual jacket must be extra robust. A Sunday outing with the kids, a walk in the fresh air with the dog or a night at the open-air cinema on a mild summer’s evening: The demands on a casual or lightweight jacket are usually high. That is precisely why this type of jacket should be comfortable and robust.

After all: when you have time off and are enjoying yourself, you shouldn’t have to worry about your jacket getting dirty. That can happen, after all. There are a few things you look for in a jacket to keep it looking great for longer.

Casual jackets for any weather

Essential characteristics for a long-lasting jacket must be windproofing and water-resistance and it must be dirt repellent and robust – and most importantly: It must keep you warm.

No one likes being cold – no matter how good the design looks. High-quality jackets fulfil precisely these criteria, allowing you to thoroughly enjoy your casual jacket. Whatever the season or weather – there is a casual or lightweight city jacket to suit your needs.

Casual models with a touch of sportiness are always particularly popular.

Brands of our casual jackets in plus sizes

If you have doubts about finding the right jacket, don’t worry. Our online shop offers a large selection of jackets from reputable manufacturers like Bugatti, s.Oliver, Boss, Barbour and Polo Ralph Lauren. True designer pieces feature extraordinary style, elegance and a full range of functions. The product range at Hirmer BIG & TALL emphasises quality. We are certain that you will find the jacket you want.