Plus size for men – the formal shirt with short sleeve for everyday professional wear

As the name implies, business shirts short sleeve are meant for business. The key difference between mens dress shirts and casual shirts is clearly the style. While we love casual shirts in all kinds of colours, patterns, and collar styles, the classic business shirt should be rather more subtle and understated. They are often made from fine cotton yarns to make them particularly skin-friendly. Half-sleeved or short-sleeved shirts tend to be worn during the hotter months – and depending on the occasion, they can also be combined with a tie. You can choose from different styles like Slim Fit or Regular Fit shirts and collar shapes. Business casual and Oxford styles also work well in many daily situations. Just don’t wear a sport coat with a short-sleeved shirt.

The right short sleeve shirt for the plus size mens outfit

If you want to create a good impression, there are a few simple rules to follow. It’s important to note that a shirt with short sleeve should always be tucked into the pants when worn with a business outfit. One problem that many men are familiar with is when the shirt constantly comes untucked. To counteract this, business shirts are cut slightly longer. This shape ensures a perfect fit on the body, and prevents the shirt from coming untucked. The result? You feel great in your business shirt and comfortable in your own skin. Non-Iron short sleeve shirts are made for every men who travels a lot. and need a pefect shirt for business meetings.

Creating the perfect mens outfit with your plus size short sleeve shirt

Short sleeve shirts haven’t had it easy over the past few years. But you would be wrong to say that a short sleeve shirt has no place in business wear. These days, short-sleeved shirts are becoming increasing popular in the office, especially in the warmer seasons. Their increased breathability makes them superbly comfortable. No more ugly sweat patches, no more fumbling to keep the sleeves rolled up, and no more unsightly creases on the sleeves. Because, fortunately for every men, fashion is constantly evolving. The advantages are clear, and the short-sleeved formal shirt for men is definitely becoming a popular warm-weather alternative. It’s the whole ensemble that makes the outfit. A shirt with short sleeve can help create a smart summer outfit and, as the temperatures get warmer, you will be the envy of your colleagues stifling in their long-sleeved shirts. Simply combine with dark suit pants, sporty cotton chinos or a pair of classy jeans. The men's shirt is so versatile. Mix up your wardrobe, with our selection of shirts in classic white, a range of solid colours, or great check patterns.

Finding the right mens shirt with short sleeve at Hirmer BIG & TALL

Are you looking for the right formal shirt for men with short sleeves in your size for hot summer days? Hirmer BIG & TALL has everything you need for a fashionable mens business look. Round off your wardrobe with our range of short sleeve dress shirts. When it comes to our products, we demand the highest quality. Discover the great range in our online shop and in our branches. Whether you are looking for something for the office, for casualwear, or for everyday – at Hirmer BIG & TALL, you are sure to find the right size from XXL to 8XL.