We are changing to make your shopping experience even better than before.

As your leading specialist for plus-size menswear, we offer a wide selection of well-known brands, a variety of fashion themes and an impressive range of sizes, both in our stores and also in our online shop.

Founded in the 80s, we have become the industry leader throughout the entire German-speaking region with currently 15 stores. Our online shop, which was launched in 2008, is now available in four languages.

Big and Tall Image2

Over all of this time there have regularly been changes, and this is continuing now.

In recent years we have continuously been developing and are always working to expand our portfolio of international brands as well as extend our range of sizes. In addition to the Big sizes (XXL to 8XL) this also applies to the Tall sizes (LT to 4XT – extra-long sizes).

To also do justice to this development in our name, it's high time to adapt our international company name accordingly.

HIRMER big & tall will now be the international brand name

Big and Tall Image3

HIRMER big & tall, as the uniform brand in all languages, combines all our product and business areas within a single name and positions us as a global company that presents itself with a consistent identity in all countries, not just the German-speaking ones.

We can assure you, that as our customer you will continue to benefit from our great fashion and fit expertise as usual.