Jeans in Plus Size

Plus size jeans: always the right fit

We can’t think of anything you can’t wear with jeans. Jeans are probably the most popular item of clothing in general, because they go with (almost) anything. Casual and with a rebellious touch, they are constantly reinvented. Hirmer BIG & TALL gives you a style-savvy overview of high-quality branded and designer jeans in plus sizes by Joop, Polo Ralph Lauren, Eurex by Brax, Brax, Camel Active and Lerros. Casualwear is not a question of age, but of attitude. A leather jacket, blazer, polo shirt or T-shirt combined with a pair of jeans in XXL creates the perfect casual outfit. The trendiest plus size jeans have a patina and look beautifully aged. The artificial ageing process is extremely elaborate and done by hand. Each pair of jeans made this way is a distinctive, valuable, one-of-a-kind piece.

Large size denim jeans for men

Men's jeans are probably some of the most popular denim pants around. This is because you can wear them for so many different occasions, they are superbly comfortable and still look great. But it’s important to find a pair of jeans with the perfect fit. If you are looking for plus sized denim, you can choose from a range of different cuts, washes, colours, materials and designs. While this popular style of pants used to be very stiff and firm, today there are numerous models with stretch fabric. As a result, wearability and comfort have increased, a feature that is particularly appreciated by plus size men. One the most favourite models have a comfortable straight leg cut. Depending on the silhouette mid waist trousers or high waisted denims are popular. Discover a large selection of men's pants in XXL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL, 7XL to 8XL.

A perfect pair of men's jeans should fit like a glove

It’s not always easy to find the "perfect jeans". That’s why so many men put off making a purchase decision. But once you have found the perfect denim, you can enjoy your jeans for years to come. As everyone knows, over time jeans give and stretch a little. Our tip for purchasing jeans: when shopping for jeans, take care to ensure that the pants are not too tight and that they don’t pull, pinch or squeeze. As a general guide, the waistband should ideally sit just close enough that the button is still easy to open and close. Some of the most popular cuts include “Regular Fit" and "Comfort Fit" with hight waist, mid waist and low waist. In these styles, the pants have a more relaxed and comfortable fit with a straight leg, but are still tight enough to stay in place and feel comfortable. There are also regular fit jeans with a slightly tapered leg. After all, that's what good denim jeans are all about.

Huge range of plus sized jeans on-trend

Large size denim jeans are available in a wide range of designs, colours and styles. How do you find the right pair for you? Firstly, you need to think about the occasions and situations in which you want to wear your jeans. Do you have a brand that you particularly like or are you looking for something new? At Hirmer BIG & TALL, in addition to the classic denim jeans, we also have cotton and corduroy jeans and plenty of models in washed or ripped look. Trousers in dark colors like dark blue, black, grey in used-look are just perfect for casual wear and should definitely be in your wardrobe. They go with virtually everything: T-shirts, sweaters, cardigans, polo shirts and all kind of casual clothing. A pair of stylish, high-fashion jeans can also be a great look for the office. Combine with a collared shirt, and you have a fantastic casual business outfit for the plus size man, that looks great and is comfortable to wear.

We have a huge choice on men's jeans, therefore to find faster what your are looking for, do not hestitate to use our color, size and price filters. Our range of five-pocket pants and jeans in plus sizes includes wool effects, which look smart combined with a sport coat, cotton jeans in a wide variety of colours, and denim jeans in every conceivable size and wash. The best denim comes from Japan. The high-quality, combed cotton is characterised by a soft touch and authentic look. The subtle stretch factor ensures a high degree of comfort. A bestseller among plus size jeans is Pierre Cardin. This label offers probably the best five-pocket fit in almost every size. Of course, we also offer jeans in a comfortable low-rise cut by EUREX. In a low-rise style, the waistband sits several centimetres lower than usual for a comfortable fit below the belly. If you have any questions according to our size charts, fell free to contact our hotline.