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Business sale: Men's shirts in plus sizes

A polished business look requires elegant business clothes. First of all, you can never have enough plus size formal shirts. When you find the right ones and they are on sale as well, then there is no reason to pass them up. Formal shirts are a must-have to round off a professional outfit complete with a tie and blazer – or with a nice suit. A formal shirt is not necessarily a business shirt. It all comes down to quality and finish. We have the highest quality formal shirts in our online shop from the biggest brands and with the most stylish, elegant cuts. Pick out your favourite label for the next plus size business shirt sale: Boss, Bradford, Eterna, Hatico, Jacques Britt, Pure, Tom Rusborg or Van Laack. The selection of colours spans from classic colours like white, black, blue and grey all the way to orange, green, red, purple, grey, brown and yellow – for those, who like a splash of colour.

For a stylish look – XXL business shirts on sale

The HIRMER big & tall shop has formal shirts on sale in a wide variety of cuts and styles: From check shirts and city shirts to striped shirts, combination check shirts and half sleeve shirts, as well as long sleeve shirts and designer shirts – you are guaranteed to find something you like. Some of the most popular highlights are of course our reduced wash & wear business shirts that are also self-smoothing. Formal shirts take quite a long time to iron properly. A lot of modern businessmen say that ‘time is money’, and that is why a self-smoothing business shirt is perfect for them. Maximum moisture absorption, high moisture wicking properties, easy-care as well as fantastic skin-friendly properties are features that every man can enjoy in a good business shirt. They ensure that you will feel comfortable in your shirt all day long. Some shirts also come with a 2-year-guarantee for the fabric and finish. Businesswear is, after all, classic and elegant, with tradition as a key focus. It is up to each individual to create a classic look, or incorporate other details for a trendy business outfit. From special cufflinks to colourful highlights and unique cuts – just the thing for a smart gentleman, looking for something special. Have a look and get yourself the best plus size business shirts at a reduced price in our sale!