Cardigans in Plus Size

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Knitwear for men in plus sizes

Plus size cardigans and knit jackets are always a real fashion highlight for men, and they make excellent year-round companions. They are great for creating all kinds of outfits for everyday situations and special occasions, from relaxed and casual to chic and stylish. Men often prefer their clothes to be practical as well as fashionable. And that's why the cardigan and knit jacket are such a popular favourite. They are easy to put on and take off again, making them practical and ideal for layering. Even in summer, the mornings can be a little chilly and fresh, and then the temperature rises during the day. That’s when the cardigan comes into its own.

What is the difference between men's cardigans and knit jackets in plus sizes?

Men value ease of use combined with functionality. And if the finished look is also stylish, so much the better. This is why knit jackets and cardigans for men are so popular. But there are also some differences in cut, style and neck cut. A knitted jacket generally fastens using buttons or a zip. A cardigan, on the other hand, is a knitwear item that fastens with buttons and also features a classic V-neck neckline. Of course, there is a whole range of other variants, such as the sporty look with a hood or a blazer-style cardigans. You can choose your favourite depending on the occasion and your personal taste. The classic colours are usually the more muted tones of black, grey and blue, but there are also other tones available in various sizes and fabrics.

Stylish cardigans for every occasion in plus sizes

When it comes to sweaters and cardigans in plus sizes, the lighter and more delicate the fine-knit is, the harder it is to make. The fineness of a knit is measured in gauge. A higher gauge means that the needles are closer together, producing a smaller distance between the stitches, and resulting in plus size cardigans that are lighter and more delicate. Plus size cardigans for men are truly versatile and a great match for a comfortable polos, shirts, casual pair of jeans, stylish chinos, smart business trousers or a suit.

We have a large selection of XXL and XXXL cardigans in a wide range of colours and designs and in a variety of fabrics, like merino wool, pure wool, lambswool, merino wool or cotton. Our varied range is truly impressive! A classic buttoned V-neck by März or a trendy style with standing collar and zip by Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger – we have something for every taste.