T-Shirts in Plus Size

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Plus size T-shirts for men

Summer or winter, T-shirts are always a staple. They can be combined in so many different ways, making them superbly versatile and practical. T-shirts are great worn as the focal point of an outfit, but they are also perfect for layering and outfit combining. So it's no wonder that men really love these all-rounders. This uncomplicated classic is available in so many variants: plain or printed, tight fitting or slightly looser, round neck or V-neck, with or without button placket. Findind a right color won't be a problem, because T-shirts are availabe in some many variants: grey, white, black, blue also with stripes or stylish graphics. If you are looking for a men's T-shirt, you are sure to find your new favourite in our wide and varied range.

Wide range of men's T-shirts in plus sizes

Not all T-shirts are the same. Some men wear these popular cotton basics as an underlayer beneath their shirts, sweaters or hoodies. This could be a simple white, grey or black T-shirt. Others like to wear them on the outside to make a statement. There are so many great prints: logos, all-over prints, stripes, slogans and even cartoon characters. T-shirts, with or without prints, are ideal for creating some smart-casual outfit combinations. The matter of taste is also the shape of the neckline. The neck can be round or in the shape of V. you can also choose from wide serafino neck cut with few closing buttons. Casual jeans, chic chinos or even colourful shorts ensure that your leisure outfit comes together perfectly and is ideal for everyday wear. But it is important to find a T-shirt that has the right size and is not too loose or too tight. After all, a man needs to feel comfortable in his own skin. Because for every plus size, there is the right size! The same principle applies to polo shirts, long sleeve shirts and sleeve T-shirts, because we can't forget that T-shirts are also obtainable with a long sleeve. Sleeve T-shirts can be perfectly combained with stylish and comfortable vests for a leisure style. In the case of men's vests all colors are allowed! You can choose between calm grey, blue or energetic red and orange. T-shirts are just a perfect basis for everyday men's styles.

Men's T-shirts in XXXL and larger

It's time to blow the cobwebs out of your wardrobe. The best place to start is with the standard kit like basic T-shirts. After all, you can never have enough of them, just like you will never have too many polo shirts in your wardrobe. When it comes to short-sleeved shirts, it is important that the material is of a high quality so that they retain their shape for a long time. The most popular are shirts made from skin-friendly cotton or fabric blends with some elastane in the mix. As for colour, there are no limits, because you should follow your own taste and preference. In most cases, T-shirts are pretty easy to care for, if you take on board a few little tips. As far as possible, sort your tops by colour, so that the darker or brighter colours won’t run in the wash. Printed shirts in particular should be turned inside out, so that the print lasts longer and stays looking like new for a long time. You are not sure which XXL size would fit you the best? Use our size guide or call our hotline to ensure your right choice.