Traditional Fashion in plus size

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Traditional fashion in plus sizes

Traditional fashion is a part of everyday life in many parts of Europe. It is worn as a matter of course, not only during the Oktoberfest peak season. Checked shirts, smart lederhosen and, of course, the traditional jacket are essential parts of the outfit.

The traditional outfits were originally intended as workwear and had little to do with fashion. Lederhosen made from sturdy material protected farmers against moisture, heat and the cold. This is why lederhosen and dirndl dresses used to be rather understated to fit their everyday nature. A traditional costume is usually the dress code of a particular country or region.

However, in addition to everyday clothing, there were also traditional costumes for special occasions. These are still worn today, by members of marching bands and folk costume clubs.

Traditional fashion is an essential part of life. That’s why every man should have a pair of lederhosen and a traditional shirt in his wardrobe.

Comeback: Traditional fashion

Nowadays, traditional fashion is experiencing a real revival. Men love to wear the comfortable garments that are characterised by attractive cuts, stylish highlights and bright colours. Every man is guaranteed to find his favourite traditional outfit. After all, traditional fashion is suitable for men of any size.

Traditional shirts are just as popular as modern checked shirts. To make sure you are well-dressed at any time of year, a traditional jacket called Janker is perfect for wearing over the shirt.

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