Trousers for every man and every age: plus size corduroy pants.

Nobody wants pants that feel too tight. That’s right, nobody. A pair of pants should be comfortable on the skin and feel good to wear. The popular men’s corduroy trousers meet all these criteria. Men of all ages and sizes love corduroy and couldn’t imagine winter without these cotton trousers. Corduroy is a material similar to velvet, with a vertical ribbed texture and a pleasantly soft feeling against the skin. A pair of corduroy trousers is a must-have in any every wardrobe. They offer plenty of great features. In winter, these pants will keep you cosy and warm.

On warmer days, the fabric is breathable and won’t feel restrictive. But the one thing that everyone loves most about corduroy pants is how comfortable they are, because many manufacturers now use stretch fabrics in their cord pants. So no more annoying pinching or squeezing. Gentlemen who wear plus sizes or stocky sizes will particularly appreciate this feature.

The variety of cords for men in plus sizes

Because corduroy comes in such a wide variety of styles and colours, there are virtually endless options for trendy outfits. Wear them with the right outfit, and you will make a good impression on both casual and formal occasions. They make a great alternative to classic jeans. The only limit is your imagination. Corduroy pants are especially practical for everyday wear. The special fabric makes these pants extra robust. They really are perfect for everyone. Cord trousers are popular with young and old, because they are available in an endless variety of styles.

And the best thing about them? The incredible choice of colours! You don’t have to limit yourself to the basic black, grey or brown. Brands like Hiltl, Eurex and Pierre Cardin – to name just a few – also offer a fantastic tonal palette, with options in hues like red, blue and orange. These great colours are perfect for combining to create interesting outfits. For a casual outfit, a collared shirt works just as well as a T-shirt or polo shirt. The combination of a collared shirt with cords is a classic look, and also great for the office.

Care tips for your plus size cord trousers

If you take care of your corduroy pants well, you can enjoy wearing them for years to come. Wash them in the washing machine on a delicate cycle suitable for cotton. A temperature of 30°C is perfect. Do you sometimes find annoying light spots on your pants after washing? No problem. Simply iron the pants inside out and those light patches will disappear.

And if you find that these pants get a little looser after a few washes, take that into account when choosing your size. When new, corduroy pants should have a snug fit. The fabric will become a little more relaxed after each wash. If you follow these little tips, you too will become a corduroy fan. You can find great corduroy pants in a range of styles – from casual to classic to elegant – in our online shop: Hirmer BIG & TALL.