Down jackets for men in XXL and larger

A down jacket is an absolute favourite for the cold winter seasons. These jackets keep you warm thanks to their unique composition, yet are still very lightweight to wear. This comfort is a big plus point for men’s down jackets in larger sizes. We have a wide-ranging selection of cuts, patterns, colours and warmth levels. So everyone can find the right parka, in the right size. Down gilets are also very popular among plus size men. These insulated vests can be worn to almost every casual or sporty outfit, combined with denim jeans and a comfortable t-shirts on warmer days.

Features of down jackets for men in big and tall sizes

Generally speaking, the men’s down jacket is instantly recognisable by its characteristic quilting, but this can vary depending on the model. High-quality goose or duck down is used for the filling so that the down parka will keep you exceptionally warm. The best thing about this natural product is that the parka is heat-insulating, breathable and very light. For plus size winter clothing in particular, this is a very practical feature. Because the larger the size, the more material is used. But since down is so light, the jacket maintains its comfortable fit, and you hardly feel any extra weight. Down jackets are therefore perfect mountain equipment for ski holidays. These mens down jackets are often windproof, waterproof, hooded and packable. There is no way it can be missing in any mens wardrobe.

The quality of down in a down jacket

Not all down jackets are created equal. If a high-quality jacket is important, you should take note of the amount of down as well as the quality of the down used. These factors determine how high the fill power is. That means, how much space the down can actually fill. There are three important criteria: Fill power (measured in the international unit of measurement, cuin), the amount of down, and the percentage ratio of down to feathers. In our product descriptions you can read exactly how much down and feather is used. The basic rule is: the more down, the lighter and warmer the jacket.

Why are down jackets for men often quilted?

Many down-filled jackets can make you look like the Michelin man. This is due to the distinctive quilting, which creates chambers in the jacket to trap warmth. But that's exactly what makes the jacket so nice and warm. The different chambers hold the down in place and prevent slipping. The downside of this design is that the seams can cause cold spots. Manufacturers of high-quality jackets get around this problem by incorporating a fabric layer to prevent cold air from getting in. Clever chamber systems, like those with overlapping panel constructions, can also prevent the formation of cold spots.

Why are down jackets so good for plus size men?

Gentlemen who wear plus sizes often have difficulty finding a down jacket that looks good even in larger sizes, and also fits perfectly. Are you looking for a mens down jacket or a gilet and want to make the most of your figure? We have just what you need. Although jackets with a down filling often look a little thick, that can be an advantage. This feature means that larger sizes can still be well wrapped up. If you generally prefer to buy a size bigger, you should avoid this with a down jacket or a down gilet. That’s because the heat exchange only works properly and keeps you comfortably warm in the winter time if the parka sits well. Our tip: if you choose muted colours such as black or blue, you can also create a more sculpted appearance.