A jean jacket is always a good choice

You like a sporty, trendy or a classy look? There is a perfect jean jacket to suit any man. It is practical, goes with virtually anything and is comfortable to wear. The most important feature of a jean jacket is its cut. It should not be too tight but it also shouldn’t look boxy. That may sound tricky at first, but it’s really not.

There are a few details that will tell you if the jacket really fits. The perfect length for a jean jacket is hip-length. Whatever you wear underneath – a T-shirt or undershirt – must be completely covered. The sleeves must be the right length too.

They should reach just below the wrist to make sure that the shirt cuff doesn’t show.

A jean jacket is for life

A jean jacket is something you will probably hold on to forever. Not just the man in it, but also the jacket is going to change as time goes by. The fabric will get lighter in colour, thinner and softer. However, this does not mean a loss of quality. A jean jacket will develop its own character over time and will feel better and better on the skin. Jean jackets will always be a popular favourite. There are special washes and treatments the fabric will go through before the actual jacket is cut, which means no two jean jackets will ever be the same.

Combination-friendly denim

It is all about individuality. Over the past few years, the typical jean jacket has become a true all-rounder and it is extremely popular across all age groups. This type of jacket is very combination-friendly. That includes trendy and modern, smart, comfortable and casual. The jean jacket is still a winner after all these years. As you can see, jackets made from the popular denim fabric will never be out of style. Find your own favourite in our Hirmer BIG & TALL online store.