Shirts in Plus Size

Men's long sleeve shirts in premium fabrics for larger sizes

Every man who regularly wears cotton long sleeve shirts will know that the most important factor in a shirt is finding the right fit and shape. The men's shirt is an indispensable part of every man's wardrobe and is the perfect complement to a stylish suit. But a shirt is also great for combining with a pair of jeans or chinos for casual wear. Depending on the season, you can choose from formal long sleeve shirts or short sleeve shirts. No matter what the occasion is, mens shirts are always a great option.

The wide range of shirts for men makes it possible for everyone to find something to suit their taste. Mens shirts are available in different fabrics, styles, colors, prints. They can be checked, textured, white, blue, striped, floral, denim, in solid colours, with long sleeves, short sleeves, comfort fit, modern fit, slim fit or just classic regular fit - We have a large selection of shirts in sizes XXL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL und 6XL.

Formal long sleeve shirts in plus sizes for the office and special occasions

Fashion is so subjective, so what is the difference between dress shirts and casual shirts? In principle, it is simple. As the name suggests, a formal shirt is worn for business occasions such as meetings, in the office, known as a proper workwear for men. Often you will be on the go all day, moving around, sweating, and making your clothes work hard too. No one likes their shirt to look creased before they’ve even started work. To avoid this, take note of the fabric when purchasing shirts and keep a few tips in mind. For example, some shirts are made from wrinkle-free fabric. Many shirts crumple very quickly, even while you are sitting in the car on the morning commute. This problem can be avoided by choosing a non-iron shirt. These shirts stay wrinkle-free for longer, keeping you looking fresh and smart even after a long day at work. Our practical tip: after washing the shirt, hang it on a hanger while it’s still wet and let it dry. This will save on time-consuming ironing. Formal men's shirts are also available in different variants: slim fit shirt which is more tailored to the body or regular fit shirt, which cut is very comfortable.

Men's casual shirts, long sleeve or short sleeve - perfect for larger sizes

Men’s plus size shirts for casual wear can be unconventional. Colours, patterns, prints and stripes – anything goes, and nothing is off limits. Casual shirts like Oxford shirts or flannel shirts are great for relaxed occasions and lend a chic style that is a welcome contrast to the T-shirt or polo shirt worn together with a pair of favourite denim trousers. But a fashionable Oxford shirt should still have the right fit. We have a few tips on how to tell if a long sleeve or short sleeve shirt fits right.

  • Collar: when the shirt is completely buttoned up, there should be room for one or two fingers between the collar and neck
  • Shoulder: The shoulder seam of the shirt should sit right at the shoulder and not feel too tight under the arm.
  • Torso: No matter what type of figure you have or what size you wear, the shirt should not be too loose. If you prefer, you can wear a slim fit shirt that accentuates your figure.

When it comes to outfit combinations, men have endless options! Combine a plaid Oxford shirt with a casual leather jacket and comfortable jeans, and you have a stylish leisure look. For casual wear, you don’t want to wear a tie or bow tie, but you can still wear accessories. Upgrade your outfit with a stylish watch, for example.