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plus size sweatshirts for men

Sweatshirts and hoodies are not just for comfort. A casual, well-fitting sweatshirt is the perfect streetwear choice for leisure outfits to keep out the wind and weather. Various cuts, designs, colours, prints and styles give you a huge range of outfit options in larger sizes. If you want comfortable everyday wear, sweatshirts and sweater jackets are a great choice. Comfortable materials such as cotton ensure great freedom of movement and keep you warm on cool and unpleasant days. In the past, sweatshirts were worn mainly as sportswear by athletes. But now these popular garments are a staple of a man's wardrobe, and are often worn off the sports field too. These long sleeve tops can be very expressive garments. Great for mixing and matching, the cut determines whether a men’s sweatshirt emphasises the figure or redefines it.

Men's hoodies in plus size - everyday activewear

One of the most popular variations of the sweatshirt is definitely the oversized hoody. Comfortably soft, casual, stylish and practical, all at the same time. It is clearly recognisable by its characteristic hood and in some models also by the kangaroo patch pockets. With or without print, in understated black, intense red or grey marl – the hoodie can be combined with t-shirts, jeans and sneakers, regardless of the colour. Men with a larger build generally prefer loose fitting hooded clothing, especially for casual looks. Many men love to wear hoodies and oversized sweaters for leisure activities. Depending on the temperature and the season, they are often warm enough to be worn without a jacket.

plus size sweatshirts for men

But our versatile men's range has much more than "just" hoodies on offer. There are sweatshirts with stylish polo collars, perfect for an office outfit. You can also find sweatshirts with serafino collars – a round neckline with a short button placket – perfect for everyday wear. With such a wide variety of different shapes and diverse designs, these tops can be worn on all kinds of occasions. At the office, for casual Friday, out to dinner with friends, on movie nights, and of course for sports. Men's sweat jackets are also very popular in men's fashion. These items are not just casual, but also very practical. They are perfect for layering with t-shirts or polo shirts. Who doesn’t know this problem: at first you feel too cold, and then later you get too warm. The solution is actually quite simple: a sweater jacket is super fast and easy to get on and off. They are mostly made out of mix of cotton and polyester to keep you warm. So you can easily choose whether you want to wear the jacket now or not. If you are not sure whick size of the oversized hoddie is the match for you, check our Size Guide or give us a call