Sweatshirts in Plus Size

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Big and tall sweatshirts for men

Leisure wear, sports, and casual styles: Sweatshirts and hoodies in big sizes for men are particularly popular and are a definite must-have. They are not only suitable for casual leisure looks, but can also be worn in the office. Our wide range features a variety of different cuts, models, variants and sizes, so every man will be sure to find a perfect option for everyday wear. When it comes to plus size sweatshirts, you may think of thick hooded jumpers or plus size hoodies, which are the perfect garment for leisure wear on colder days. But there is much more to it than that. Plus size sweatshirts are available with polo collars, round necks, logo lettering, troyer collars – to name just a few variants. Our product range includes many well-known brands like Polo Ralph Lauren, Brax, and Tommy Hilfiger.

You are sure to find the right men's sweatshirt in plus size for every style

A cosy evening with friends and watching football on the couch? The plus size hoodies fit perfectly thanks to its comfortable cut. If your team suffers a defeat and you feel like you just want to hide, you can pull the hood right over your head and cover your face with the drawstring. For a trip to the restaurant in the evening, grab a sweatshirt with a polo collar. Simply combine with a pair of chinos, a matching belt and shoes, and your plus size outfit is complete. If you prefer a casual look that’s not too sporty, you can wear a men's V-neck sweatshirt with comfortable jeans. This makes a perfect free-time outfit, and a long-sleeved shirt can be worn in almost every season. Sweatshirts with a round neck and an embroidered logo are particularly popular. Some labels feature a simple embroidered logo on the chest, which makes a sleek sweater look even more stylish. In summer, men also like to combine a light hoodie or a sweat jacket with casual shorts. These fashionable men’s items give you so many options for expressing your own style, whether size XXL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL or bigger.

Sweatshirts in plus sizes and a range colours – on trend from XXL to 8XL

The name ‘sweatshirt’ comes from the combination of ‘sweat’ and ‘shirt’. Originally it was the name for a sports jumper and was worn in the 1920s, especially by athletes and sports teams and particularly during the warm-up phase or for the cooldown after sport. The sweatshirt was made of cotton and was perfect for protecting the muscles and for absorbing sweat. Sweatshirts were initially designed in the form of pullover style sweaters, but soon zips and hoods were added and the sweatshirt became a men's hoodie. Nowadays it is one of the most popular casual garments and has become classic streetwear. Due to its versatility in terms of colours like red, blue, grey, yellow, black and design, it is also very easy to combine to create different outfits, and always ensures a great look. High comfort is often an important deciding factor when men are choosing a plus size sweatshirts. No matter what your body type or build – XXL sweat jackets are ideal for every man. And the choice is huge. From comfortable cuts, zip-up hoodies to athletic styles, there is something for everyone in every size.