Men's golf wear in plus sizes

Golf is one of the most popular sports today. It combines nature, relaxation and exercise. Once you discover golf, you will never look back. Along with practice and training, the right outfit is essential for a successful sporting career! When it comes to golf, the perfect outfit is almost as important as having the right clubs and equipment. Etiquette is an important part of golfing. But if you are a newcomer, don’t worry. First and foremost, golf clothing should be comfortable to wear. After all, sport should make you feel good. If you are looking for the right clothing, here are some tips.

Outfits for the golf course – from polos to golf trousers for men in plus sizes

Men's polo shirts are particularly suitable for golfing. Their breathability and advanced materials regulate body heat and ensure great comfort. Depending on the season, the length of the sleeves may vary, with longer sleeves for colder weather and short sleeves in the summer. The standing collar is an integral part of the classic polo shirt. This is a definite must. When it comes to colour, there are really no restrictions. Strong, bold colours can be a good choice. But of course, black and white are also popular polo classics.

Golf pants are a very important part of the gear. They come in various colours and designs and are eye-catching highlights on the golf course. Aside from the little matter of style, let’s not forget that golf pants must also be comfortable and functional! Both aspects will pay off in a good swing. Freedom of movement is a must to give you the perfect momentum for your strokes.

The feel-good factor is just as important as design or pattern. Fashion designers who specialise in golf wear, such as Brax Golf, often use breathable materials. High-quality golf clothing combines sportswear with function, style and comfort. Modern materials come together with the perfect fit and ensure a high level of comfort with a particularly high quality finish.

Golf apparel – men's golf pants, polos and jackets in the perfect size

Are you looking for the right golf apparel? Firstly, we have one small tip for you about golfing etiquette. You should refrain from wearing shorts that are too short; your thighs should be covered to the knee. Knee-length golf shorts are perfect for the golf course. But that is not the case in professional golf: pro golfers are required to wear long pants – no matter what the weather.

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