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Trekking – activewear for men in plus sizes

The perfect outdoor clothing should be durable, robust, waterproof and comfortable. It is important that you have plenty of freedom of movement for everything you like to do, and your activewear should also be completely comfortable. If you are an outdoorsy type and love to go for hikes, climb mountains or walk beautiful trails, then you need to think about the right clothes. When you are out and about in all weathers, nothing is more important than a warming jacket that is waterproof yet breathable. For outdoor activities, functional clothing is a must.

Men's outdoor jackets in plus sizes are perfect for layering

Layering is a great option for outdoor clothing and allows you to dress according to the weather. In the mountains, clouds can build up quickly, creating sudden rain showers. Outdoor clothes with Gore-Tex is a great waterproof advantage in these conditions. It is important for clothing to be functional and warm. But as soon as the sun comes out, you will want to take off the outer layers and just wear a T-shirt and shorts again. No problem – zip-off trousers make it easy to switch between long trousers and shorts. Similarly, 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 functional jackets are perfect for trekking. The sophistication is all in the detail. It depends a little on which model you choose, because an outdoor jacket can be a lightweight wind-protector, or a heavier jacket to protect against cold. Depending on the weather and the outdoor temperature, layering ensures that you will be perfectly equipped for whatever the weather throws at you.

Trekking, hikes, walks – you need outdoor clothing for men that can rise to the challenge

When it comes to outdoor clothing, look for garments that can meet the requirements of your sport, whether it’s a strenuous hike in the mountains or a leisurely walk. One important consideration is that the clothes, i.e. jackets, trousers, underwear, shirts etc., should be breathable. This means that moisture, for example caused by perspiration, can be transported from the inside to the outside. The more strenuous your sport, the more you should pay attention to these details. Are you someone who breaks a sweat quickly, and tends to sweat quite a lot? In that case, "extremely breathable" clothing would be an advantage for you. This is available in larger sizes, no matter what size you wear. Light trekking jackets and light trousers are ideal. Layer-up with functional underwear, a T-shirt or casual shirt, maybe a lightweight vest depending on the season, and a thicker outdoor jacket or a softshell jacket to prevent too much perspiration. It is important that you find a balance between gear that is "too warm" and "too light".

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